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Savory Breakfast Strudel

Savory Breakfast Strudel
Serves 6-8

Everyday scrambled eggs suddenly become quite special when wrapped in buttery, golden layers of puff pastry. The addition of some roasted red pepper and green scallions add a holiday flare to the presentation. In this hearty version of breakfast strudel, we’ve also added sausage and smoky provolone cheese. Add some orange juice and a full breakfast is ready!

1/2 lb. ground sausage (hot and spicy)
1 tablespoon butter
6-8 scallions, sliced thinly
1/4 cup pimento pieces
10 eggs
1/2 cup milk
Salt and pepper
1 sheet frozen puff pastry, defrosted
4 oz. provolone, grated
Egg wash (1 egg plus 1 T. water)
Flour for dusting

1. Brown the sausage and chop larger pieces into a small size as it browns. Remove the sausage from the skillet, drain on a paper towel, and allow to thoroughly cool. Wipe the skillet clean.

2. In the skillet add the tablespoon of butter and briefly sauté the sliced scallions until wilted, yet still bright green. Add the pimento pieces to the scallions.

3. Prepare the scrambled eggs by whisking together the eggs and milk. Add the egg mixture to the skillet with the scallions and pimento. Stir gently until cooked through and fluffy, and all moisture evaporated. Remove from heat and allow to cool to room temperature.

4. Roll one sheet of puff pastry to a 12” x 15” size. Lightly dust the working surface with flour to minimize sticking. (This size yields the best thickness for baking results in this situation.) Cut in half lengthwise; the two pieces should be approximately 6” x 15” each.

5. Transfer the cut pastry strips to a rimmed baking pan, spoon the cooled eggs in the middle of the strip. Sprinkle the cooked, cooled sausage on top, followed by the shredded provolone.

6. Moisten the pastry edges with the egg wash. Draw up the two sides of puff pastry and pinch together; roll the joined edge slightly to seal. the top. Roll the “log” so that the pastry seam lies on the bottom. Pinch the ends together and tuck under at each end. Repeat with the second pastry half.

7. Preheat the oven to 400°F oven. Brush the tops of the strudels with an egg wash made of 1 egg and a tablespoon of water. Cut slits in a decorative diagonal manner to allow steam to escape. Add decorative pastry designs if desired. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the pastry is a nice golden brown.



Browning Sausage

Scrambled Eggs

Grated Cheese

 Puff Pastry Cut in Half

Egg Wash and Sealing



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