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Casseroles Get a Makeover
We’re giving casseroles a makeover in our latest newsletter! Sensible and easy, hale and hearty, casseroles are a great answer to “what’s for supper?”

IN THIS ISSUE, we’re looking at “hot dish” in a slightly different way. You’ll find several great recipes below: a Baked Quinoa Casserole with Baby Potatoes and Cheese, a Cauliflower and Brown Rice Casserole, and finally, a delicious King Ranch Chicken Casserole – definitely not your mother’s casseroles!
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The Casserole: Then and Now
Add More Whole Grains...
RECIPE: Baked Quinoa Casserole with Baby Potatoes and Cheese
Recipe Notes
Better Bakeware: Then and Now
Oven to Table Favorites
RECIPE: Cauliflower and Brown Rice Casserole
Cauliflower is the New Kale
Top Tips for Tasty Casseroles
Tip 3: Top it Off
Tips for Better Casseroles
RECIPE: King Ranch Chicken Casserole
Recipe Notes
How to Make it Faster
Cookbook Review