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Sweet Cakes for Special People
Have you ever noticed how loving words of endearment overlap with food terms -- "honey", "cupcake", "cookie", "sugar", and, of course, "sweet cakes?" With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's a great time to celebrate by baking a little sweet indulgence.

IN THIS ISSUE, we're sharing a few delicious cakes from the baking master herself, Dorie Greenspan, found in her latest cookbook. You'll find Tiger Cakes, her Carrément Chocolate Fancy Cake, and a winter bright, citrus cake, Odile's Fresh Orange Cake. We'll equip you for success as you bake one of these cakes for the sweeties in your life.
For You, Sweet Cakes
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recipeoneRECIPE: Tiger Cakes
Tiger Cakes
Notes for Success
Use Parchment Paper
Best Tricks for a Better Cake
Prep the Pan Properly
Stir, but Not Too Much
Cool the Cake
recipetwoRECIPE: The Fancy Cake
RECIPE: The Fancy Cake
Notes for Success
For Baking Cakes
recipethree RECIPE: Odile's Fresh Orange Cake
RECIPE: Odile's Fresh Orange Cake
Notes for Success
Cookbook Review

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