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Bake a Better Cookie

We all have cookie favorites that without, the holiday season would seem incomplete. Renew one of the joys of the season with some old-fashioned cookie baking and bonding.


IN THIS ISSUE, we present some new cookie favorites and renew an old favorite, pressed cookies. We're focused on cookies that taste fabulous, make a visual splash, all without too much work or fuss. It's a great time of year to make, bake, and take cookies to family and friends.

In This Issue
Saturdays: See, Taste, Learn!
Cooking Classes - Great Gifts
Help Wanted
Shopping Locally
RECIPE: Hazelnut Sticks
Bake a Better Cookie
RECIPE: Pebbly Beach Fruit Squares
Cookie Essentials
RECIPE: Scandinavian Spritz
What's a Cookie Press?
RECIPE: Raspberry Meringues
Cookbook Review
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Harper's Point - Sat, November 19 - 11am - 2pm
Settlers' Walk - Sat, December 17 - 12pm - 3pm
Peel, core, and slice your way through a basket of apples in a fraction of the time with an all-in-one apple machine!   Home-made applesauce anyone?  We'll make some on our always cool-to-the-touch induction burner.  Its infinite heat settings can heat in a hurry or gently simmer so efficiently - all the energy goes into the cooking process.  See it in action!

PopcornHarper's Point - Sat, November 26 - 11am - 2pm
Settlers' Walk - Sat, November 26 - 12pm - 3pm
Enjoy popcorn fresh out of our new lines of popcorn makers, and try some of our new savory and sweet popcorn seasonings, too.  Yum!

Harper's Point - Sat, December 3 - 11am - 2pm
Settlers' Walk - Sat, December 10 - 12pm - 3pm
This is not your mother's mixer!  Come see the Cuisinart Stand Mixer in action.  It's power easily handles heavy doughs, and the count-down timer is priceless!  Enjoy a cookie or two while you're here!

Harper' s Point - Sat, December 10 - 11am - 2pm
1CW_MastheadWe're using Stonewall Waffle Mix and Syrups to show off our favorite waffle makers today.  With quick heating, instant recovery, and browning controls these waffle makers make you look like a pro!

Settlers' Walk - Sat, December 3 - 12pm - 3pm
Harper's Point - Sat, December 17 - 11am - 2pm
Perfect for panini or quesadillas, for grilling or as a full griddle. The Griddler was well-designed for versatility.  Let us show you how it works!  An awesome gift!
Cooking Classes at Cooks'Wares
We've had a great time hosting you in our kitchens this autumn! There's been a lot of inspiration, learning and plenty of laughter. Thank you to our capable team of instructors that have shared their wisdom and their wit. We're looking forward to classes resuming in January with a whole new catalog of opportunities. Meanwhile, join us on Saturdays for some mini-sessions that you're sure to benefit from.

Cooking Classes at Cooks'Wares make great gifts for the holidays -- the gift of experience!


Your Cooks'Wares Bonus:
Cooks'Wares offers a 10% Discount 
on your merchandise
on the day you attend class!
(excluding kitchen electrics and during Storewide Sales)
Help Needed
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Recipe - Hazelnut Sticks
Recipe Notes
Bake a Better Cookie
Bake a Better Cookie
Bake a Better Cookie
Bake a Better Cookie
Bake a Better Cookie
Bake a Better Cookie
Bake a Better Cookie
Recipe - Pebbly Beach Fruit Squares
Recipe - Pebbly Beach Fruit Squares
Recipe Notes
Cookie Baking Essentials
Roaster and Rack
Insulated Baking Sheets
Two-layered construction creates air space; heats evenly without burning.
Cookie Spatula
Cookie Spatula
A thin, wide blade easily transfers delicate cookies from baking sheet to cooling rack. 
Silicone Baking Mat
Silicone Mats
Reusable mats line baking sheets for the ultimate in nonstick performance. 
Hand Mixer
Cuisinart Hand Mixer
Small, compact hand mixer works well for cookies and cakes with plenty of power.
Cooling Racks
Cooling Racks
Allow cookies to let off steam after baking. Small grid and footed design holds securely. 
Le Creuset Spatulas
These new spatulas have just the right sturdiness and flexibility. Heat tolerant. 
Cookie Decorations
Cookie Decorations 
Embellish your cookies with color and flair with decorations in many shapes, and styles.
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Bowls 
Utilitarian for multiple uses in every kitchen. Tall sides keep spatter in the bowl. 
Cookie Press
Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press
Make shaped cookies fast with this trigger-equipped cookie press. Interchangeable disks. 
Scandinavian Spritz
Scandinavian Spritz
Cookie Press
Cookie Press
Raspberry Meringues
Raspberry Meringues
Raspberry Meringues
Cookbook Review Cookbook Review

Treasure your baking traditions, and add some new favorites to your repertoire this year. Enjoy sharing some cookie baking with the next generation.

Mary Fricke
Cooks'Wares, Inc.
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