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Vinaigrettes 101
Spring greens and local summer vegetables are appearing in farmers' markets. (There were moments this past winter when we wondered if this moment would ever arrive!) But, as tasty as these fresh harvests are on their own, it's the marriage with a great dressing that makes them sparkle and satisfy our taste buds.

IN THIS ISSUE, we demystify what it takes to make a sensational dressing and how easy it is to improvise your own. You'll find a classic White Wine Vinaigrette, a tangy Ginger-Mustard Dressing, and a creamy Little Ranch Dressing - each imparting a different personality while amplifying the goodness of your salad's fresh vegetables.
Zingy, Tangy, Zesty
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Vinaigrettes 101
Oil and Vinegar
Oil and Vinegar
recipeone RECIPE: White Wine Vinaigrette
recipetwo RECIPE: Ginger-Mustard Vinaigrette
Recipe Notes
recipethree RECIPE: Little Ranch Dressing
Recipe Notes
The Salad Doctor
The Salad Doctor
Cookbook Review

Enjoy all of the season's fresh vegetables by dressing them with fabulous flavors!
Mary Fricke
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