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Beans! It's the answer to the riddle, "what's highly nutritious, inexpensive, satisfying, delicious, and easy to cook?" Putting more beans on the table provides fabulous opportunities for shifting our eating in healthier directions.


IN THIS ISSUE, we're ladling up three soups that showcase beans in one of their best roles - in hearty wintertime soups. Cooking beans is easier than you think. We show you several methods including a reintroduction to the magic of pressure cooking. Plus, answers to key bean questions! 

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Bean Benefit Basics
Bean Benefits
recipeone RECIPE: Elsie's Black Bean Soup
RECIPE: Elsie's Black Bean Soup
Bean Cooking Essentials
cookingbeans4 Ways to Cook Beans
Cooking Beans
Bean Cooking Timetable
Pressure and Slow Cooking
recipetwo RECIPE: Pasta e Fagoli
RECIPE: Pasta e Fagoli
Recipe Notes
Expanding Your Cooking Technique
pressureFast Food with Pressure Cooking
Pressure Cooking 101
recipethree RECIPE: Sahadi's Lebanese Lentil Soup with Spinach
RECIPE: Sahadi's Lebanese Lentil Soup with Spinach
Recipe Notes
Recipe Notes
answersAnswers to Your Bean Questions
Cookbook Review
It's bean a pleasure, once again. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon!
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