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Handcrafted Caramels
Everyone loves the captivating flavors of caramels! They're a great treat that spans the fall and holiday season, and a fun, unique gift to give to friends and neighbors.

IN THIS ISSUE, we show you how to make handcrafted caramels - they're easier than you think to make. You'll be equipped with tips for success and ideas for packaging as holiday gifts! PLUS, a few tips for savoring celebration preparations, and enjoying the holiday season ahead.
Chewy, Buttery Delicious
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recipeone RECIPE: Handcrafted Caramels
Embellish and Garnish
Tips for Caramel Making Success
Use a thermometer
Cutting Caramels
Wrapping Caramels
Caramel Crafting Tools
Cooking Technique: Cooking with Sugar
Stages of Sgar
The Stages of Sugar
Wrapping and Presenting

Relish the special times and reasons to celebrate the season with friends and family this year.

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