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It's a challenge! We know we should eat more healthfully, but we get waylaid by the urgencies of work, the demands of everyday life, and the complexity of putting all of our nutritional knowledge together and on the table in a timely manner.


IN THIS ISSUE, we're serving up some ideas for finding some new, healthier favorites to put in your cooking repertoire. The day starts with a healthier breakfast sandwich, a delicious squash and apple soup for lunch, and seared scallops on a bed of oranges for supper. Plus, we turn "power foods" into powerful snacks. Small changes toward healthier eating will add up!

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Bring a Bag!
Bring a Bag, Feed a Family

We'd like to take this time to THANK YOU for making our Bring a Bag, Feed a Family campaign such a huge success! Since beginning the effort in late 2009, you have helped us raise over $1867.25 for the Greensboro Urban Ministry's Food Bank!

Every time a customer makes a purchase and brings their own shopping bag, a dime is put in the "Feed a Family" cookie jar. The contents of the jar are then donated to the Greensboro Urban Ministry Food Bank. This allows us to help the environment by using fewer disposable bags, and also help Greensboro's families in need! 
Healthy is Delicious
recipeone RECIPE: Egg Sandwiches with Wilted Spinach
RECIPE: Egg Sandwiches with Wilted Spinach
Breakfast Notes
Speed it Up
Breakfast Tools
snacksPower Snacks
recipetwo RECIPE: Butternut Squash & Apple Soup with Pumpkin Seeds
RECIPE: Butternut Squash & Apple Soup with Pumpkin Seeds
Lunch Notes
Making Soups for Healthier Meals
Healthy Cooking Techniques
More Healthy Cooking Tips
recipethree RECIPE: Seared Scallops with Oranges
RECIPE: Seared Scallops with Oranges
Dinner Notes
Dinner Time
Cookbook Review
Cookbook Review
Be well! Our best to you now and throughout the year ahead!
Art, Martha and the Entire Staff
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