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You're in the mood for a party - we are, too! We love this season because it is so full of family and friends with plenty of good times. Whether you're the party host, or bringing something to a get-together, our party sampler of nine recipes ranges from fast to fancy - all delicious! Our best to you this festive season!
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PRINT: Three Mini-Meatballs
recipeone RECIPE: Thai Mini-Meatballs
recipetwo BBQ Mini-Meatballs
recipethree Swedish Meatballs
For Apps
PRINT: Three Festive Crostini Recipes
recipefour Avocado-Tomato Crostini
recipefive Roasted Red Pepper and Chimichurri Crostini
recipesix French Onion Crostini
Three Party Puffs
recipeseven Spinach-Parmesan Puffs
recipeeight Cranberry Brie Puffs
recipenine Kalamata Olive Puffs

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