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Holiday Cookie Bars
It's such a fun time of year! The joy that's possible through the act of giving is something very special - it's a signal of gratitude and appreciation for another person. Giving may be even more exciting than receiving!

IN THIS ISSUE, we're inspiring you with a few simple gifts from the kitchen that you can give and enjoy throughout the holiday season. Doable in an evening, each gift will have your special handmade touch. You'll find Peppermint Bark, Cranberry-Eggnog Tea Loaves, and Magic Mocha Mix. Add ribbons and bows, and enjoy the sharing and giving! PLUS! Free printable gift tags!
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Happy Holidays
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Holiday Hours
recipeone RECIPE: Peppermint Bark
RECIPE: Peppermint Bark
Tips: Be Efficient
Pour and Spread QUickly
gifttags Print Gift Tags Here
recipetwo RECIPE: Cranberry Eggnog Tea Loaves
RECIPE: Cranberry Eggnog Tea Loaves
Tips: How to Prepare the Pans
Enjoying Cranberries and Packaging Hints
For Making Gifts
recipethree RECIPE: Magic Mocha Mix
RECIPE: Magic Mocha Mix
Tips, Layer it Up
Vary the Mix

Give joyously, receive gratefully, and offer gratitude this holiday season for all those that fill your life.

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