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Chicken Goes Global

In a cooking rut these days? Take a virtual journey and glean some new ideas for dinner from other parts of the world. The spices, sauces, and distinctive aromas will pique your palate!


IN THIS ISSUE, we're exploring how other cuisines enjoy their chicken. You'll find One Pot Coconut Chicken, Chicken-Vegetable Kadhi, and Chicken-Cashew Curry each presented with their ideal accompaniments. We offer tips about cooking chicken, and a primer on stove-to-table cookware.

Fresh, Aromatic, Delicious Chicken

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Buying Chicken
recipeone RECIPE: One Pot Chicken over Jasmine Rice
Recipe Notes
Global Spices
Global Spices
handlingChicken Handling Safety
recipetwo RECIPE: Chicken-Vegetable Kadhi with Chickpea Cakes and Yogurt-Mint Sauce
enameledStove to Oven
Le Creuset
Cleaning Enameled Cast Iron
Cooking Helpers
recipethree RECIPE: Chicken-Cashew Curry over Basmati Rice with Mustard Carrot Ribbons
Cookbook Review

Savor new tastes by cooking with global flavors!
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