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Change up the liquid portion of your diet for the better, and immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of freshly made juices. Add the invigorating sensation of carbonation to the mix, and prepare to discover a new "favorite" way to stay hydrated.

IN THIS ISSUE, we broaden your beverage choices with an exploration of homemade soda and juices that provide plenty of thirst-quenching pleasure in a healthier, fresher way.  

In This Issue:
NEW Class Schedule - Jul 10
Sidewalk Sale - Jun 27-28
Beguiling Bubbles
RECIPE: Sparkling Watermelon Soda
Fizz Techology at Home
RECIPE: Cantaloupe Clementine Soda
Join the Juice Train
Juicing Mechanics
RECIPE: Strawberry Cream Soda
Cookbook Review
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Beguiling Bubbles
Sparkling Watermelon Soda
Sparkling Watermelon Soda
Fizz Technology at Home
Fizz TechnologyFizz
Classic Simple Syrup
Cantaloupe Clementine Soda
Cantaloupe Clementine Soda
Hydration Helpers
Join the Juicing Train
CombosFresh Juice
Juicing Mechanics
Juicing Mechanics
Omega Juicers
Strawberry Cream Soda
Strawberry Cream Soda
Strawberry Cream Soda
Cookbook Review

Mix up your favorite juice, take it to the porch, sip, and sit a spell!

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