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Pasta Perfection

Whether one of many courses, or the primary meal event, a great pasta dish satisfies all those invited to the table. With hundreds of shapes and sauces, the gratifying possibilities are endless.


IN THIS ISSUE, we're cooking up some fabulous pasta dishes under the guidance of everyone's favorite Italian-American cook, Lidia Bastianich. We'll school you on cooking pasta perfectly, and tossing it with delicious sauces. We have a hearty Rigatoni Woodsman Style, Orecchiette with Artichokes and Bacon, and Bucatini with Pancetta, Tomato, and Onion. Buon appetito!

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recipeoneRECIPE: Rigatoni Woodsman Style
RECIPE: Rigatoni Woodsman Style
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recipetwoRECIPE: Orecchiette with Artichoke and Bacon
RECIPE: Orecchiette with Artichoke and Bacon
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recipethreeRECIPE: Bucatini with Pancetta, Tomato and Onion
RECIPE: Bucatini with Pancetta, Tomato and Onion
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Italian proverb: A tavola non si invecchia -- At the table with good friends and family you do not become old. 

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