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Fresh, Handmade Pasta
IN THIS ISSUE, it's pasta primo! We're making handmade pastas and pairing them with delicious sauces. With just a few simple ingredients, delicious, fresh pasta can be on your table. We have all the "how-to's" beginning with Pinci with Tomato Sauce, followed by Semolina Cavatelli with Beef Ragu, and finishing with Sugeli with Potatoes and Garlic.
Fresh, Handmade Pasta
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Perfecting Fresh Pasta
Perfecting Fresh Pasta
recipeone RECIPE: Pinci with Tomato Sauce
Pinci with Tomato Sauce
Forming the Pasta
Pro Tips
Cooking Fresh Pasta
recipetwo RECIPE: Semolina Cavatelli with Beef Ragu
Semolina Cavatelli with Beef Ragu
Forming the Pasta
Product Features
recipethree RECIPE: Sugeli with Potatoes and Garlic
Sugeli with Potatoes and Garlic
Forming Handmade Pasta
Cookbook Review