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Season with Salt

Salt is one of the most common ingredients in cooking, yet, there's so much more to explore beyond our everyday habits. New culinary choices for salt have crystallized into a wonderful complexity of fresh tastes and serving options for this element.


IN THIS ISSUE, we're exploring salt at a deeper level with a focus on the various types of salts, and their role as the final, finishing flourish to our foods. We showcase finishing salts in a super-easy goat cheese appetizer, soft and chewy pretzels, and a sweet treat, homemade salted caramels.

Three Salty Treats
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typesBasic Salt
Basic Salt
Table Salt
Salt Basics
Sea and Kosher Salt
Sea and Kosher Salt
Artisan Salt
Artisan Salts
Artisan Salts
Artisan Salts
Artisan Salt
recipeone RECIPE: Chevre with Cyprus Black Flake Sea Salt & Cacao Nibs
Gourmet Salt & Pepper
usingWhen to use salt when baking
Dash, Pinch, Smidge Measurements
Cooking with Salt
recipetwo RECIPE: Soft Pretzels with Hickory Smoked Salt
slabsCooking on Salt Slabs
Cooking on Salt Slabs
qaSalt Q&A
Delivering Salt and Pepper
recipethree RECIPE: Fleur De Sel & Smoked Salt Caramels
cookbookCookbook Review
Cookbook Review

Take pleasure in rediscovering and exploring the large and varied world of salt! 
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