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Fresh Vegetables? Stuff 'em!

"I never knew vegetables could taste so good!" That's a common reaction when we put our talents toward making great vegetable dishes. After all, the more plants on the table the better!  


IN THIS ISSUE, we're taking advantage of the fresh harvest of vegetables found at farmers' markets, in our gardens, and at roadside stands. We stuff peppers, tomatoes, and roll-up leafy chard and share some great tips for cleaning and freezing the harvest. Plus, you'll finally be able to answer the question, "What's a fruit, and what's a vegetable?"

Stuffed Peppers, Tomatoes & Chard
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eatcolorEat Colorfully!
Why Eat Veggies?
recipeone RECIPE: Stuffed Poblanos in Chipotle Sauce
Poblano Peppers
Make a Double Batch
cleaningCleaning and Storing
Prepping Produce
marketShopping at Farmer's Markets
Shopping at Farmers' Market
recipetwo RECIPE: Baked Plum Tomatoes with Herbed Rice Stuffing
Stuffing and Baking Vegetables
freezingFreezing the Harvest
Freezing the Harvest
Freezing the Harvest
Freezing the Harvest
recipethree RECIPE: Stuffed Swiss Chard Rolls
cookbookCookbook Review

 Experience the full range of colorful foods available at this time of the year!

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