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Enjoy Summer Fruits
IN THIS ISSUE, we're enjoying fresh summer fruits in as many ways as we can! We have recipes for Blue Ribbon Blueberry Crisp, Perfect Peach Cobbler, and a Plum Clafoutis ready for you in this newsletter. They're the type of recipes that are versatile for whatever fresh fruit comes your way. Simple to make, and simply divine to eat!
A crisp, a cobbler and a clafoutis
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Featured Class
Featured Class
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recipeone RECIPE: Blue Ribbon Blueberry Crisp
RECIPE: Blue Ribbon Blueberry Crisp
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Choose a better Baker
Le Creuset
recipetwo Perfect Peach Cobbler
Perfect Peach Cobbler
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For Baking Sweet Endings
recipethree RECIPE: Plum Clafoutis
RECIPE: Plum Clafoutis
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