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Heat-Busting Beverages
Summer thirsts need quenching! It's hard to beat a good glass of water, but add some flavor, sparkle, and ice, and the cool wetness satisfies even more on a hot day.

IN THIS ISSUE, we're mixing sodas, smoothies, slushies, sparklers and shrubs with fresh ingredients from the berry patch and garden. We're serving Raspberry Lime Rickeys, Orange Sparklers, Pina Colada Slushies, Green Goodness Juice, Blueberry Banana Smoothies, and Blackberry Shrubs - all delicious ways to stay hydrated while enjoying these hot summer days.
Sodas, Smoothies, Slushies, Sparklers  and Shrubs
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Emiio's Corner
recipeone RECIPE: Raspberry Lime Rickey
Adult Version
Simple Syrup
Soda Stream
recipetwo RECIPE: Orange Sparkler
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How to Freeze better Ice Cubes
Water Works
recipethree RECIPE: Pina Colada Slushie
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Vitamix Machine
recipefour RECIPE: Green Goodness
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Juicing Machine
recipefive RECIPE: Blueberry Banana Smoothie
Adult Version
recipesix RECIPE: Blackberry Shrub
Adult Version
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Sip and savor the summer season with the beverage of your choice!

Marilyn & Emilio
and the entire Staff of Kitchen Store & More
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