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Love appears in our lives in many ways every day of the year, but it's fun to acknowledge and celebrate our affections with a day dedicated to those that are special in our lives. Some mark the occasion with cards or flowers, however, we think chocolate says it best!

IN THIS ISSUE, we're celebrating with chocolate. We start with a delicious recipe for Best Cocoa Brownies, proceed to individual Molten Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes, then on to a decadent, near-flourless cake known as the Queen of Sheba. Along the way, you'll develop your cooking skills with tips for working with chocolate, and a primer on how to beat egg whites. Let's get baking!

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chocolateWhat is Chocolate
Dutch Processed?
recipeone RECIPE: Best Cocoa Brownies
More on Handling Chocolate
recipetwo RECIPE: Molten Chocolate-Raspberry Cakes
For Baking With Love
eggwhitesCooking Technique: Beating Egg Whites
Cooking Technique: Beating Egg Whites
recipethree RECIPE: Queen of Sheba
Cookbook Review
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Delight in all of the loving relationships in your life, and treat them to a handcrafted chocolate dessert.
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