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Milk and Cookies
It's a bit nostalgic, the notion of milk and cookies after school around the kitchen table while sharing the events of the day. While this image has changed in so many ways, the pleasant notion of "milk & cookies" lives on as a small indulgence to be enjoyed.  

IN THIS ISSUE, we're out to make a few fabulous cookies while improving our baking techniques. You'll find tips on how to measure ingredients correctly, and how to bake a better cookie. Recipes for three bakery-style cookies are included: White Chocolate-Cherry Oatmeal Cookies, Peanut-Butter-Milk Chocolate Bites, and Mocha Latte Cookies, all fabulous when freshly baked!
Mix, Bake and Eat!
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recipeone RECIPE: White Chocolate-Cherry Oatmeal Cookies
Troubleshooting Cookies
My cookies are too spread out!
Overdone vs underdone
Dry and Crumbling Cookies
Breaking Cookies
Crisp vs Chewy
recipetwo RECIPE: Peanut Butter MIlk Chocolate Bites
measuringMeasuring While Baking
Measuring and Baking Tips
How to Measure
Make a Better Cookie
recipethree RECIPE: Mocha Latte Cookies
Pouring Milk
Milk Facts
Milk Facts
Cookbook Review
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Bake a batch of cookies, pour yourself a glass of milk, and take a milk & cookies break!

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