Mastering Chicken on the Grill
Chicken on the Grill
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Cooks'Wares is looking
for a few good people! 
Do you...
like helping people?
want to work with a great team?
know your way around the kitchen?
Cooks'Wares has openings for Cooking Class Assistants and Volunteers
  • Friendly and Outgoing
  • Self-Motivated and Results Driven
  • Willing to Go the Extra Mile
  • Have a Burning Desire to Succeed
  • Passionate about Cooking
  • Flexible Availability
  • Good Time-Management Skills
  • Detailed and organized
  • Ability to multi-task

If these qualifications describe you, let's talk!

To contact us about positions at Cooks'Wares, please email, or find an application HERE.
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Mastering Chicken on the Grill