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Success with Summer Smoothies

Embrace summer’s bounty of fresh fruits (and vegetables!) with healthy, easy, and quick smoothies. IN THIS ISSUE, we showcase six smoothies with a wide range of color and flavor -- all sure to refresh! You'll find lots of helpful tips along the way to help you turn your kitchen into a smoothie lover’s paradise.

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Success with Summer Smoothies
Turn up the Beet Smoothie
Key to Success: High-Powered Blender
The Green Scene
Pro Tip
Cherry, Vanilla Protein Smoothie
Boost Up
Six Sweet Summer Smoothie Tips
Berry Almond Oatmeal
Making Almond Butter
Straw-Peachy Delight
Soak Chia Seeds
Mango Turmeric Tango
Mango Smoothies
Do-Ahead Tips
Happy Summer